Saturday, March 13, 2004

Discovery & Abortion

Phyllis Schafly has a logical, cogent article about the legal process that must be driving the abortion industry crazy.

Planned Parenthood receives a quarter of a billion dollars in federal funds each year, and runs a healthy profit. Astonishing enough ...

But the core of the article concerns the lawsuits against the partial birth abortion ban. The abortion folks have tossed out the phrase "medically necessary" to support why the procedure is required. The government has responded with "prove it." Fair enough ... but not what the abortion industry can handle - most likely because it is not necessary by any measure.

It goes back to the same argument about abortion itself - the "life of the mother" test expanded to the "health of the mother," with "health" covering psychological issues such as depression or anxiety.

I think it is fair to hypothesis that if both sides on any of these arguments would put aside their preconceived positions, let all of the data come forth, use their expansive intellect to analyze it, then come up with an informed joint position, we would have a much better society.

Instead, we have supporters of choice rallying against a proposed law to recognize a fetus as a person for purposes of body counts in murders - because if a fetus is a person for purposes of death, surely the right will use it for life, too. And we have 2d Amendment supporters rallying against child locks on handguns - even though someone's precious child will die as a result.

How twisted the bedfellows of politics.

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