Saturday, March 20, 2004

Variation on a theme - now and later

The media is so funny. Kerry was ahead in the polls a few weeks ago. Reports cite trouble for W. W retakes the lead ... media then cites the evaporation of the Primary Bounce. But the fact that Kerry was up was never attributed to a bounce due to the primaries. It was obvious to seasoned political observers, but clearly that does not represent the target audience of the major media.

Typical media after-the-fact-make-ourselves-look-good lines.

Here is a story that will be re-written post-November. Seems that Idaho's democratic party is missing filing deadlines and fielding less than half a slate of candidates. They claim it is because they are picking and choosing their fights. And the media is not commenting on it.

If you miss a deadline for a US Senate seat, your organization is in disarray. If you are fielding half a slate, then you lack money and enthusiasm. This will be the media story after the November elections: Unorganized, broke, and sad, Democrats seek new agenda.

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