Saturday, March 20, 2004

W wanted to bomb Iraq on 9/11 - comforting news

Richard Clarke, computer nerd who combed the internet to support the anti-terror program, claims as if it were a bad thing that Rumsfeld and W wanted to bomb Iraq as an immediate reaction to September 11.

Richard Clarke - remember the El Shifa pharmaceutical plant that Clinton bombed, thinking it was a VX nerve agent manufacturing facility? This is the guy who planned it.

But let's not destroy the man's character. That would be a tad liberal of me ... let's return the matter at hand.

Rumsfeld and W were focused enough on that tragic day to see the difference between what happened with the planes and a normal crime scene investigation. The hijackings were an act of war and war was what they got.

The liberals can play with this line of thought all they want. The only avenue it can be leading down is that W consciously lied about the intelligence as a precursor to war. That battle is silly - it will not persuade anyone. Those that believe W will not change; those that disbelief will not either. Those that are undecided do not make up their mind based upon one issue eight months before an election, particularly one that has been argued before.

The liberals are looking for an issue, any issue, to take the light off of Kerry. If the stakes weren't so high, it would be humorous. In fact, I do laugh a bit ... then I picture Kerry falling on the slopes and vulgarly blaming someone else (and repeating his vulgarity later) and I begin to chuckle.

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