Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Arlen's Support is Utilitarian

Yes, I should consider the source. I know. It is outdated and inherently biased. But CNN has a piece (sorry) that reminded me of conversations I am hearing now. And it presumes that Pennsylvania Republicans are malleable and perhaps even stoopid.

President Bush and Senator Santorum are actively supporting Specter out of political necessity. I do not doubt for a minute that they would embrace Pat Toomey as a brother if he wins next Tuesday. But Specter is owed support not for his past but for fear of his future. If re-elected, he will chair the Senate Judiciary Committee. President Bush needs his judges pushed through. The Chairman has a lot of power to support that process.

W is putting chips onto the poker table for Specter to win ... today. And if Specter should survive, W will point to the pile in front of Arlen when judicial nominees enter the process in the next congress and say, "I want some of those back, good buddy."

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