Tuesday, April 20, 2004

It's always winter on liberal radio

You know you are in trouble when your target audience is embarrassed for you. David Shaw writes for the LA Times and declares himself to be a liberal. I've never heard of him. His misguided politics aside, I'm sure he's a nice guy.

He wrote today of his angst over Air America. He listened for 17 hours on Good Friday. He claimed it may have been the most boring day of his life. But "boring" isn't what he goes on to relate. Typical liberal, speaks in half measures and requires you to read more to understand what he truly feels.

Some quotes: I greatly overestimated Air America's potential. ... But I laugh easily, and I didn't get a single laugh from Franken, Garofalo or Rhodes or from any of the other Air America hosts I listened to. ... her voice is so grating that I found myself wincing, no matter how vigorously I agreed with what she said. ... in a segment he called "morning devotional," Maron began his prayer for divine guidance on behalf of President Bush by saying, "Dear Lord, what the hell is going on up there?" ... Maron also ticked off a mock list of chores the president would do that day including ordering "an extra inch" for his penis.

Makes we wonder why he quotes an announcer, without contradiction, when he said "Liberals have always occupied the moral high ground."

(Cartoon courtesy of Jeff Bucchino)

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