Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Hillary gives an interview

Hillary is on a roll. On the heels of her abortion speech, she leaps back into the spotlight by giving an interview to an Arab daily in which she rips the American Iraqi situation up one side and down the other.

I lose very quickly an ability to understand how someone can think this is appropriate. Our democracy is built upon open and frank discussion, upon cat-and-dog fights - but all within our home. When radical Arabs (calling them Muslims seems to denigrate the faith, just like saying people who murder abortion doctors are Christians) repeatedly kill and try to kill United States citizens around the world for the sole reason that they are American, when our country resolves to put an end to the carnage, the bickering stops - and if we are in an election year, the bickering is allowed but only within our borders. Someone wants to claim that the manner of war is different than they would pursue, let them claim it here. To go overseas and to give the interview directly to an Arab daily that is hostile to us anyway is not far off from an act of sedition.

Some highlights:

"[T]he Bush administration had not been frank with the American people concerning the human
and financial costs in Iraq.

"[T]he Bush administration did not have a plan for Iraq and did not have a full understanding of the situation there.

"Clinton described the Bush administration as 'stubborn and arrogant' for refusing to admit its mistakes which were endangering US soldiers, Iraqis and stability in the Middle East."

I wonder what nickname history would have given her if she spoke similar things on the Japanese mainland or in Germany during the early 1940s? Wasn't this the same person who put a lip-lock on Suha Arafat? How pathetic. Let's see ... it has to have the word or concept of "pig" in it. Maybe a not-so-veiled reference to her closet sexual proclivities. I think the oink factor covers her planetary thighs and the apple-gobbler face. I need to think about this. And calm my nauseous stomach.

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