Thursday, April 15, 2004

Kerry Veep Position Update

I knew there was someone else I was thinking about ... Representative Harold E. Ford Jr. (D-TN). I have listened to some speeches and interviews. Articulate, focused, polished.

So what positions does he take?

The National Political Awareness Test folks are rather testy about this gentleman: "This candidate would not provide this information to citizens in the candidate's own state - no matter who asked them, when they were asked or how they were asked."

I have no problem understanding NPAT's position. Very clear.

To the Interest Groups we go ...

Abortions Rights - 2003 rates 30%, down from 100% in 2001.
Right to life - 2001/2002 19%, up from 6% in 1999/2000.
Arts & Humanities - 100% for several years.
Chamber of Commerce - 2003 48%, Business & Industry 20%.
Separation of Church & State - 2003 75% down from 100% in 2002.
Christian Coalition - 2003 33%.
The NEA - 91%, 67%, a pair of 100%s (2003 ... 2000).
Family Research Council - 2003 15%, down from 100% in 2000.
Neither the Arabs or the Jewish people seem to care for him.
Gun Owners of America - 2003 F- (Wow, that's a statement!).
American College of OB/GYNs - -0%- for last two years.
Ah, found it!! Labor issues - 70%'s, 80%'s, and a whole bunch of 100%'s

Where are we? Mixed on business issues; a favorite of liberal teachers and abortionists; not appreciated by gun owners, families, and Christians. Seems to be a closet socialist. Good match for Kerry.

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