Monday, May 3, 2004

Live by Vietnam; Die by Vietnam

THUD!!! That is the sound Kerry will hear tomorrow as his butler brings his papers that will cover the story of his "band of brothers" who are fed up with his dual positions on everything - his Vietnam history included.

Claiming that Kerry is "unfit to be Commander-in-Chief," hundreds of vets will come together tomorrow and present their argument. Included is every commander Kerry ever served under.

Kerry cannot complain. He is the one who brought Vietnam to the forefront. He is the one who wants the challenge to be made - "bring it on," he said.

Now we shall see the stuff of which Senator Kerry is made. Will he respond with understanding and acknowledge that reasonable minds can differ? Or will he repeat his GMA performance and try to change the topic? Can he turn to face himself? Will he end his proclivity to equivocate even the most direct of questions?

With a mixture of surprise and shock, I suspect he will be consistent and present a nonconvincing response. Even though I have a horse in this race, I still want to see a good contest. Kerry is a pathetic challenger. Almost scratched from the race, he entered the starting gate only because the other horses reared. Now that the gates have opened, he sits there - afraid to run, incapable of forward progress. He twitches the horse even as he pulls the reins tight.

The only question - is it the rider (Kerry), or is the old mare (DNC) ain't what she used to be?

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