Saturday, May 1, 2004

Open Letter to Liberals

An article entitled, "A year on from 'Mission Accomplished', an army in disgrace, a policy in tatters and the real prospect of defeat" has just found my button and pushed it.

You people are pathetic. You treat the lives of Americans - I don't give a rip if the article was written by a Brit, the same words come from Liberals here - like they are disposable. All you care about is winning the November election. Defeat Bush. If Bush is for something, you are against it. How incompetent and stupid.

You talk for decades about enhancing Medicare with an RX provision. You do nothing. W does. Now you attack it. As if any version you would have come up with would even exist, let alone be perfect.

Your president gets oral sex in the oval office from a kid the age of his daughter, lies under oath about it, and you say it is a personal matter. The Israelis have Clinton on tape having phone sex with Monica. You continue to say it is personal. Wow. What if that was a pub senator? What would you have done? How do you sleep at night?

You fight a law to declare a fetus a second homicide when an expectant mother is murdered because maybe someday that status will be used to amend abortion laws. Gee, is it uncomfortable anticipating the same treatment that you use when you chip away at the 2d Amendment? Sucks when you are beaten at your own game, eh? btw, 44MM and counting murdered babies since 1973 ... tick tock ...

You convert Social Security into a chit system - you spend the money and write IOUs. For decades. You give the "fund" a pitiful 1% to 2% return, and take away any balance that a person doesn't get before they die. Now the pubs want to let Americans keep their money, get a better return, and you throw up these fear tactics about a stock market that moves over time. Have you ever looked at long-term returns? NO ONE LOSES. NO ONE. Invest in the long-term. No day trading. NO ONE LOSES. Except you. Your cash cow goes bye-bye.

You control the House for decades. You lock pubs out of meetings. You give them inaccurate meeting and hearing notices. The pubs regain the House. What was the first thing you said? Do you remember? I do - "Now is not the time for payback." The Rules, jokers. We play and win by the Rules. You cheat. You are intellectually dishonest, shallow, lost.

You want to win in November? Dump Kerry. You cannot make silk out of a sow's ear. The man is a babbling fool. The last senator to win was Kennedy 44 years ago! And everyone knows portions of that electoral college were purchased. We don't elect senators for very logical reasons - they don't run anything. They argue, articulate, and pontificate. There is nothing wrong with that in a parliamentary setting. But that isn't a state house or the White House. It is not compatible. Dump the idiot.

And, my word, drop the "you're calling me unpatriotic" routine. We've heard it from all sorts of people. No one on the pub side has ever called one of your fools unpatriotic. Ever. Are you? I think you are socialists, clearly, and some of you lean towards communism. But unpatriotic? Naw.

But the claim is heart of the matter. You play games with politics. All you care about is winning. You even cross the brightest of all lines - we are at war, yet you empower the enemy with your attacks on the president. Can't you look back at history and see how abysmally short-sighted and stupid you are going to appear during the latter days of your own lifetime?

Al Franken does a radio show and calls it the O'Franken Factor. What a child. Get an original thought, fool. You want a successful radio show? Find your own path. Tread on someone else's path and you will always be second, and downwind.

Speaking of Als, Gore pops up every once in a while. Now talk about a recurring case of toenail fungus. This guy is like a novel writer's creation that leaps off the page from story to story. The problem is that the writer is a paperback novelist and the creations are works-in-progress. He thinks of a storyline, writes, up pops Gore yelling about ozone. Naw. Paper crumbled and tossed. Another storyline; type, type, type; up pops Gore talking quietly about woodland animals. Can't this writer finish a novel and let the hero fade into obscurity, never to return?

Rendell drives over 100 mph on the turnpike from Harrisburg to Philly. Nine times - that he was caught. How dangerous for everyone else on the road - how uncaring by Rendell.

A good dem? A good liberal? Doesn't exist. You are all a bunch of misinformed, malinformed, uninformed miscreants. Try something different for a change - shut up, read, think.

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