Friday, June 18, 2004

Bubba: Get over yourself

I was done posting for today, then I found this quote on "When the Berlin Wall fell, the perpetual right in America, which always needs an enemy, didn't have an enemy anymore, so I had to serve as the next best thing." -Bill Clinton

Wow. I am practically speechless at the chutzpah inherent in such a statement. The American people needed an enemy so we chose him? Does he think us that base a body that we cannot be happy unless we have an enemy? Does he think himself so large that he could fill the role?

Boy, back to the days of being talked to (or at) as if we are stupid. That is the change for which I am most singularly grateful. Not having to listen to Hillary talk to us like we are all in kindergarten, not having Bubba slime his way through another day with a poll in one hand and an intern in the other.

Bring him out, liberal media. Relish in it. Glory in it. Make him front page day after day. Demand a postage stamp whilst he still breathes. The self-aggrandizing words of Clinton, given historical depth as Gore misses taking his meds and speaks publicly again, will bring back in full flavor the years now gone. Then as W talks of God and war and real economic growth, it shall be plain for all to see that the adults are now running the show. And as Kerry speaks perilously close of socialized medicine, as he tries to attach himself to the Clinton whirlwind like a polyp to a colon it shall be even more obvious that the days of yesteryear were not ones of societal growth, but ones of survival.

Nice to have you back, Bubba. Grab an ice pack on your way out the door, will you? My lip kinda hurts and may swell a bit.

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