Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Chicken and the Egg Syndrome

Sharon Stone's an idiot. Sorry, I had to say that.

She thinks that because her and Halle Barry are in the same movie that they should be allowed to kiss - you know, the lesbian thing. Somehow, the idea got canned.

Whose fault is it? Why, W's, of course.

She "... believes a puritanical streak running through the country put an end to any potential girl-on-girl action. ... 'That's what you get for having George Bush as president.'"

First, maybe it didn't work artistically. Just because God granted the two women outward beauty (although its longevity is now an issue with Stone – talk about rode hard and put away wet) doesn’t lead directly to putting them in bed together in any-movie-every-movie they happen to cohabitate within. You would think Stone, as a veteran of clearly many years in the industry, would know this. “Girl-on-girl action” – give me a break.

Second, W did not create a “puritanical” streak. He didn’t “create” anything. He told us who he was and based upon that we elected him. (If you even think of rejoining that he was “appointed not elected” then you read too many comic books – do your homework and come back when your intellect catches up with your mouth – sorry, had to say that. It’s hot. I’m cranky. But it's still true.)

The puritanical nature of this country has been here since its origins. From the aptly named Puritans to the Founders (who called upon God ceaselessly) and every generation since, we have always tried to conform evolving community standards to Biblical teachings. W did not create this – that gives the man much too much credit. He’s along for the ride. He’s a Christian in office governing a Christian nation.

You’ve got enough money, Sharon, why don’t you make a film of “girl-on-girl action” featuring you and other (still pretty) women, and then market and release it? But go one step further: analyze the media outlets used for marketing; gather source data on the audience that is attracted. Now go to middle America. Compare. Pick one representative person from each population and chose one to baby-sit a young child that is dear to you. Who did you pick? Do I have to go further, Sharon?

If your actions cannot be focused and repeated to the exclusion of everything else, then perhaps the action itself is not appropriate. It’s an old ethics test.

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