Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Cathedrals Transformed.

Just because it is Matt Drudge reporting it, doesn't mean we need independent verification. Even an American League pitcher will impressively drive in a run in inter-league play every once in a while.

This story is about the contents of a book due out August 15. The Kerry camp is screaming like a stuck pig, and that lends credibility to the charges.

I'm all for tearing Kerry down, but it must be based upon fact and not upon conjecture. Claiming that Kerry self-inflicted two of his three band-aid Purple Hearts had better be substantiated. Claiming Kerry did acts unbecoming an officer, such as burning noncombatant homes and killing their livestock, had better be supported by eyewitness accounts.

If the book turns out to be first degree hearsay at best, then trees died unnecessarily. If the allegations have factual legs, then those trees are a, um, what's the word, oh yes, those trees are now a cathedral - just in different form.

Can I get a witness? Do I hear a witness? Amen.

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