Sunday, August 29, 2004

Dan Rather is keeping a blog on the RNC Convention. It is appalling enough to write his name, let alone set up a hyperlink – so you’ll need to find it yourself. The only item of interest is the “buzz” that W will announce a new VP at the convention – either McCain or Giuliani. What an interesting concept. Rather thinks it is all the more interesting in light of the complete denials coming from W’s and Cheney’s political offices. What a stooge. I was reminded again why I have no respect for the man – he’s half gossip columnist and half asleep.

Why would the rumor “persist”? If it is not true, it serves the liberal’s purposes. Unlike the proposed theory of Kerry’s Dead-Cat-Bounce, there does seem to be a bounce out there waiting W. And it has already begun. W’s pre-Convention bounce is equal to the best versions of Kerry’s post-Convention bounce. If W gets another half-dozen points, it will do significant damage to Kerry. What do the liberal’s do? Try to set up expectations that Cheney is on the way out. Then if it does not happen, the balloon deflates, along with W’s post-Convention bounce. Not bad logic for an old gossip columnist asleep at the wheel.

If it is true, then, well, Dan-O can put on those clothes that make him feel pretty and strut around the newsroom. The boy has set himself up in a win-win situation.

If only Kerry were smart enough to do the same.

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