Thursday, August 12, 2004

Just not cut out for the job.

I read the article below on Drudge yesterday. I had some thoughts but waited to see if the article was removed - which is how Matt does his corrections. It is still there.

The upshot? As my wife just said, "these people are not cut out for the job." How long has Terase been on the stump? Several weeks, at best. What would four years feel like? Betty Ford Clinic, incoming.



Democrat presidential hopeful John Kerry and his wife got into a heated argument after a campaign rally in Arizona Sunday night -- a heated argument so hot they spent the night in different rooms!

A well-placed law enforcement source tells DRUDGE how Kerry and Teresa Heinz moved to separate suites at Flagstaff's Little America Hotel.

"It was a cooling off, nothing more," says a top source.

The stress of the campaign and the nonstop tour of battleground states is taking a toll on the Kerrys.

Teresa Heinz Kerry has been confiding in staffers how the tour is just "nonstop movement" and how there "is no time just to 'be.'"

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