Monday, August 30, 2004

Kerry's Pennsylvania Talking Points

Here are Kerry's talking points for Pennsylvania. Expect to see them hitting the papers and airwaves soon:

Pennsylvania's Bush Economy:

Since Bush took office:
337,000 people in Pennsylvania have lost their health insurance.
160,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost in Pennsylvania since Bush took office.
The number of people in Pennsylvania who have fallen into poverty has increased by 140,000.
The average wages for growing industries in Pennsylvania pay $9,120 less than in contracting industries.
Pennsylvania family health insurance premiums increased by an estimated $2,756 to $9,477.
Pennsylvania families with teenagers pay $612 more a year for gasoline.
College tuition in Pennsylvania has increased by $1,914 at four-year public universities.
Bankruptcy skyrocketed as 76,864 Pennsylvania households filed for bankruptcy in 2003, a 37% increase from 2000.
Child care costs increased by $2,050 to $12,910 for a Pennsylvania family with two children under age 5 in full-time daycare.

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