Monday, August 30, 2004

Dan-O Oh-Man-o!! You've made the pages of the WSJ, and as subtly as a fox under a fence. Fred Barnes does his big pre-Convention piece. Giuliani gets a mention, McCain gets a nod. But no "dump Cheney" rumor, of course, that would be too obvious.

But here's the hammer, Dan-O: Fred Barnes, one of the more articulate, tapped-in, reserved pundits in today's market, likens this convention to 1944. 1944!!! Big time, Dan-O!!!!

Remember 1944? War going on, economic news mixed ... convention comes along ... FDR gets the nomination, but his sitting VP Henry Wallace does not?!?!?? Harry Truman comes in instead. Remember, Dan-O?!??

And why Truman? C'mon, bud, you're old. Senator Truman gained national prominence as the head of a Senate Committee investigating government waste during the war. Halliburton!!!

You are so cool Dan-O. I am so into this whole story thing you do.

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