Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Pocahontas, Marlon Brando, and Me.

I am looking for the story just quoted on Fox – John Kerry has said he spoke with Marlon Brando about the Nicaragua-Sandinista situation, and that he received and acted upon Marlon’s advice. It might be the article coming out in GQ. I will be so glad when the election is over and this guy disappears from public view again.

I pay $15 for my haircut and I wait, playing backgammon on my Palm, until she is ready. Maybe it shows, I don’t know. Kerry continues to fly his coiffure-snipper to him around the country. This guy never learns.

Military dot com discusses the troop realignment. Does anyone remember when Germany went against us on Iraq and this issue was discussed in exactly this form – out of Germany and into Eastern Europe? Germany whimpered about retaliation and said, ever so gently, that political differences should not lead to economic harm. Richard Holbrooke, former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs, and "almost certainly [to] be secretary of State if Kerry is elected" summed up the liberal response: "I know that the Germans are very unhappy about these withdrawals." I shouldn’t read such things on an empty stomach.

In fact, I was going to round up some more news, but all of the above has convinced me that I need to eat. I’ve been making an omelet/quiche/egg thing lately. I use a two-quart Calphalon pan (deep fry pan – 2-1/2” deep, 8” across) – about three inches deep and maybe ten inches across. Dice up a couple of crook neck squash and sauté in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil on medium heat. Just when it is done, add a scant tablespoon of herbs and mix in real well. Add 6 eggs that have whisked with a quarter cup of water. You can add cheese, too. Put a top on the pan and let it cook until firm – it will pull away from the sides a little and be browned. The top will still be loose. Put under the broiler and watch closely until the top is browned. Let it sit for a few minutes. Run a spatula around the sides. It should come out easily when you turn the pan over. You can turn it over again to get the original top back on top.

I’m hungry. Bye.

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