Saturday, August 21, 2004

Senate Origins of The Troubles

The Christian Science Monitor interviewed Senator-Elect Kerry and published it on December 20, 1984. Unfortunately, a subscription needs to be purchased to view the article on the CSM site.

It is available in full text on Nexis, entitled "Senator Kerry will 'look homeward'," by George B. Merry.

Some interesting quotes were offered.

"In other words, he eschews the current, unclearly defined label of 'neoliberal' which has been applied to Tsongas and other new-generation Democrats in the Congress. Just plain, old liberal is good enough for him, Kerry indicates."

"On a broader horizon Kerry says, 'My hope is to be able to impact on policies relating to international concerns and expenditures. The way we are going to have more bacon to bring home is by having a world that is not expending as much on the military sector.'

"The former naval officer, who first came to prominence in 1969 as national leader of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, is today no less committed to peace through arms control. That includes support for a negotiated nuclear-weapons freeze. Kerry also specifically voices concern for 'ending war in Central America and improving US relations with all of Latin America.'"

A liberal who is against defense spending. And who says he isn't consistent?

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