Wednesday, August 4, 2004

The Silent Majority Speaks. Again.

When judges make law, we get: same-sex marriage; abortion on demand; hiring, promoting, and admitting based upon gender or race (anything but white male); and removal of crosses from flags and monuments from courthouses. 12 year kids are given condoms and girls too young to vote or enter into the simplest contract can decide alone and in secret to have an abortion.

When people make law, we get some ground back: An overwhelming majority in Missouri affirms the Bible’s teachings on marriage.

Judges act more quickly than entire populations of states. And even while state populations try to move, as in Florida where they want parental notification to minor children seeking abortions, the judges get another bite at the apple.

It takes patience and insight to wade through the waters of liberal positions, to not be swept away by their currents – being deceived into thinking that even a sizeable minority of America supports wide ranging interpretations of what “privacy” means, of what “equal protection” means.


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