Monday, September 6, 2004

He's no Harry Truman. The buck? It stops, um, over there! There! See it?!? It's the campaign not me!! I didn't want to say the "Benedict Arnold CEO" line anymore this past summer, but they kept on putting it in the speech. And now? Well, I wanted to attack the Swift Boat Vets, but my campaign wouldn't let me.

You just wait until I'm president. Then I'll do what I want to do. Then nobody will tell me not to. Well, except for Ted Kennedy, of course. And, um, well, sure, Joe Biden. He's a smart guy. I'll listen to him. Bill Clinton? Sure!! Wouldn't you? Then, my secretary, of course. You have to respect the little people. And she knows a lot about a lot of things. Teresa? You must be kidding - I'll put on the bunny suit and jump through the flaming hoop for her. And ...

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