Sunday, September 5, 2004

Too clever by half. Kerry is just as naive as Clinton when it comes to nuclear technology.

Clinton gives North Korea a nuclear power plant as long as they promise not to use it for weapons - guess what? They promised and broke it. "So sue us," they say. Now we have missiles pointed at us. Not that I'm worried. North Korea can't grow rice let alone fly anything.

Now Kerry is proposing the same "deal" to Iran!!!!!

When is wrong with these people?

Kerry says - well, um, it's a great bargain for them, and if, um, they don't take, then we know they are up to no good.

This is like listening in on a bunch of third graders planning to take the snow fort of another group of third graders.

How do people like this get into the U.S. Senate anyway? Is it like a certain number of boxtops from Cocoa Puffs?

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