Monday, April 18, 2005

Hillary's Toaster just went Pop!!

Jay Cost reminds us to not over-estimate Hillary. An outstanding piece. As I read it, I was reminded why I quit blogging during the '04 election: it just didn't matter what the MSM reported, the election was over in September. Kerry was simply in the wrong league.

Jay points out in wonderful detail the structural problems Hillary has with herself. She can never survive a presidential run, no matter how much the MSM may want her to.

I recall the day after the '04 election. The faculty office area was glum (except me!). One woman professor, trying to put on a brave face, said, "well, I just can't wait to 2008 and Hillary!" Then she did this little dance. I was very proud of myself - I didn't burst out laughing. That type of person will give the MSM all the reason it needs to push Hillary as a genius politician, as Bill without the phallic issues. How pathetic, eh?

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