Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New pope guy

I don't follow Catholic politics or issues too closely. I'm one of those Bible-thumping folks that can't quite get find the verse on confession booths and calling someone father other than God. Just doesn't seem quite right to me. But that's ok. The Catholics have a new pope and the liberal media is going nuts.

I was in a faculty area and the television was on CNN. Ordinarily, I would ask to change it. But this was just after the announcement of Benedict XVI. (I was rather hoping he would opt for the name Leo, like another German pope. Seems like such a nice name.)

So there's Judy Woodruff (isn't that a variant of a grouse?) asking people on the street (her or one of her minions) whether they were upset that he is so strict, that he won't bring the Church into modern times, that he isn't Hispanic. "No," came the universal response. "No problem at all. We have a new pope. Isn't it wonderful?" You could see Judy's hair falling out, actually being pushed out by the tension in her neck.

I'll be honest - one of the things I fear most about going to Hell for eternity is being with people formerly employed by CNN. Could you imagine that? "See, we told you there wasn't a God. Where is He now?" Endless interviews with Hillary Rodham Clinton Kerry Kennedy (she became something of a black widow after Bill stroked out having one last fling with a 20-something girl). One humorous thing would be watching George Stephanopoulos - you could count on him, no matter where you saw him, no matter what time or circumstance, to be curled up in a ball rocking back and forth crying his eyes out.

Hell with newscasters. Oddly brings a chill. I better go read my Bible.

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