Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just writing ...

I looked over the storied gathered on and remember why I bailed on tracking politics. Some comments should make it clear.

“Iran threat to leave nuke treaty.” Was it ever really complying? Didn’t the Russian Foreign Minister saying he couldn’t understand why the West was so concerned about Iran having nukes vitiate the UN Security Council call for a review? Iran knows Russia is backing them. It is nothing but a Cold War chess match. The US is strong in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lebanon is off the table to everyone for now. Syria is coming into the US gun sights. Russia moves into Iran and Palestine. On the latter, Hamas says it wants to disengage its economy from that non-entity Israel (how does one disengage from nothing?) and the US has tossed around withholding funding because we finally realized Arafat stole more than he distributed. Russia will be more than happy to fill the void.

“Privacy fears hit Google search.” So the Internet collects publicly available information and presents it in easy to read form? Wow. Who’da tunk? And now Google is extending its collection ability to your desktop – if you ask. But that information is not released to the net. But Google does store it briefly on their servers. Um, you want the service or not? It’s voluntary, a-hole. You should worry more about the personal information you throw in the garbage (a technology that pre-existed the Internet, btw) than what you store on your computer. People are starving in sub-Sahara Africa and you’re all pissy because you store your SSN on your laptop so you hit the little form fill-in button on IE, and now big bad Google may pass that information through its servers. Wow. Do us all a favor – change the beneficiary on your life insurance to UNICEF, make sure you are outside the suicide exclusion clause, and go play in the traffic.

“Sharon ‘Will Die Today.’” See? Some people have real problems.

“Carter Allowed Surveillance in 1977.” Jimmah says surveillance of enemies in wartime is ok. If’n the war was a real one, like the democratic-inspired Southeast Asia Wargames (we took home the Silver Medal!). But now, Jimmah condemns W for doing it. Jimmah says that y’all can’t go doing no wiretapping unless you tell a judge or Congress. But, Jimmah, Brother Jimmah, y’all wrote the guidelines used to authorize W’s surveillance! You’re old and stupid, Jimmah. Go sit on the porch. We’ll tell ya when dinner’s ready. No, I don’t wanna hear about no Iranian hostage rescue thang and how y’all scared those Iranians so much they just released them but out of spite waited until the day you left office.

“The Shoe (Bomb) on the Other Foot.” This Newsweek Alter guy is such a child. We exchanged a few public comments a year or two ago. He took a tiny piece of my e – out of context – and made some pithy comment. It was cute and designed to pit my emotional words against his intellect. My full text was not emotional in the least. Whatever. It made him feel good. There’s value there, eh? The premise of this story is that CIA guy Goss thinks the NYT shouldn’t publish secrets (on-going surveillance programs directed at declared enemies) but his authority has been undercut by W who announced that four years ago some arrests in Indonesia undermined an attacked planned against the LA. Hunh? Slow news week, eh Newsweek? Anything to make W look bad. You wanna see something bad? Get a colon cleansing kit and start poking around your stool. That’s bad, Johnny. Listening in to enemy phone calls is good.

“Terror Link of ‘Moderate’ Muslims at London Rally.” Oh my god! These clowns freak out over a few cartoons and we’re supposed to be sympathetic? Wow. It’s like dealing with kindergarten kids claiming the carrots sticks aren’t crisp enough so we should burn the teachers like witches. We’re supposed to take these idiots seriously? They aren’t rioting in the US, are they? They’d be treated like the criminals they are. Europe has no balls. Like one huge t-girl. The male package is in their somewhere, but they’re always wearing a dress. Muslims treat their women the same as they treat their property. Have fun, Europe.

Story after story. Boring. Same old stuff. Same whiners. Same good versus evil. I think pitchers and catchers are due in spring training this week or next. Gotta check out the Yankees’ site …

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