Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Middle-East Prediction

This may be simpleton stuff. Feels like it. But I want to get my predictions on the record.

Iran will not back down, but will stroll slowly and surely toward nuclear arms. The emphasis will be on slowly. They know they have Russia with them. Months will drag into a year - but then another crisis will shift the focus.

Palestine is the problem. Hamas will get more and more overt in its hatred of Israel. They will be emboldened behind the screens and will not back down one inch. Israel will show restraint, incedible restraint. Tensions will rise to the point where it is obvious war cannot be averted.

Then the crisis will change. Russia will be invited to send peacekeeping troops into Palestine. Their presence will grow year after year. At first, the tensions will reduce. Then, Russia will remove its mask.

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