Sunday, February 19, 2006

Zoo News - Chavez & Toons

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday warned Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice not to "mess with" him days after Rice described Venezuela as a menace to regional democracy in the midst of tense diplomatic relations between the two countries.

"Don't mess with me Condoleezza. Don't mess with me, girl," Chavez said during his weekly Sunday broadcast, sarcastically offering her a kiss and jokingly referring to her as "Condolence."

A-HA HA HA HA HA, O-HEE HEE HEE HEE, GAFFAW! SNORT SNORT SNORT. STOP IT, YOU’RE KILLING ME! OH MY! OH WOW! Ah, ow, my side hurts! Oh, my. OK, I’ll stop. I can’t figure out which is funnier – the phallically challenged Chavez’s words or ABC labeling them a “warning.” Oh, my eyes hurt from laughing so much!

Throughout the BBC's section on Islam you will see Peace be upon Him or (pbuh) after the name Muhammad.

Muslims say Peace be upon Him after every mention of Muhammad's name, as a mark of respect. Muslims do the same when they write the Prophet's name, adding pbuh.

Hey! So it isn’t a Fred Flintstone reference after all. You learn something new everyday. God, I love life.

PBUH. Muhammad, peanut butter under honey. His favorite sandwich! Muhammad, purposefully ban undergarment holidays. Never ride free? Muhammad, pickles bun unsalted ham. A Muslim Big Mac!

Stop? Not until you recognize Israel and stop targeting Christians.

Muhammad, prophet but unchristian hack. I guess that puts a fine point on it. When you all start to act in a way that deserves respect, you all will get respect. Until then, enjoy acting out like children but don’t expect to be treated like adults. Okey dokey?

HUNDREDS of angry Muslims ransacked two churches in southern Pakistan today before setting them on fire after allegations that a Christian had desecrated the Koran, police and officials said.

No one was injured in the attack, they said.

The protesters ransacked two churches in the city of Sukkur, about 480km north of the provincial capital, Karachi, Sindh provincial government spokesman Salahuddin Haider said.

"They partly set the two churches on fire," Sukkur district police chief Aftab Halipoto said by telephone, adding that a school at one of the churches had been damaged.

The trouble erupted after accusations that the Christian had thrown pages of the Muslim holy book in a dustbin, Mr Haider said.

Where was I? Oh, yeah – Muhammad, partially burned unmanned houses. Losers.

About 400 hardline Muslim protestors attacked the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta with rocks, tomatoes and eggs, claiming that the United States was on a mission to destroy Islam.

In speeches, members of the Islamic Defenders Front, a Muslim vigilante group, said that U.S. President George W. Bush had supported the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in European newspapers.

Oh, ow! Stop it! Eggs and rocks! That hurts! Then you talk and say we support freedom of speech and freedom of the press regardless of whether we agree with the substance of the message! We published a cartoon with a bomb into a guy’s hair! Oh, you are so articulate and, and mean!

Muhammad, putting barns under houses. Yeah, makes about as much sense your reaction. Go pound sand.

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