Sunday, March 26, 2006

Media stays home

President Bush issued a 49-page National Security Strategy, the WSJ wrote a thoughtful piece that includes a link to the doc itself ... and the legacy media writes like they are or think we are in kindergarten.

The LAT calls it a "[a] dodo of a national security policy" A dodo? How cute. Utterly simple, amazingly infantile - yo dude, go snort some more coke and order a latte something - then wax your prose around something you are capable of viewing without your diseased-colored glasses.

I pulled Clinton's 1997 NSS and search Lexis-Nexis for commentary. Not a single article was written about it. No articles on the NSS written in 1998. None in 1999. Now I am bored looking.

The media are consistent, eh? Consistently and pathetically biased.

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