Friday, March 3, 2006

Zoo News - All that Glitter's just ain't Golden

Rock & Roll Part 2 meets Neverland Ranch.

"I am not an animal!" Yes, Mr. Glitter (nee Paul Francis Gadd), it seems that you are. Let's look at the tape ...

1999. Great Britain. Guilty of possession of child pornography. 4-1/2 months jail served fully.

2002. Cambodia. Expelled from the country for unspecificed reasons.

November 2005. Vietnam. Arrested as he tried to leave country for Bangkok (apropos, eh?). His laptop hard disk was filled with porn.

December 2005. Vietnam. Pays families of "victims" $2,000 each.

The details provided in the article about his acts with the 10 and 11 year old girls are deeply offensive.

Yes, Mr. Glitter, a few years on the other end of molestation should do you some good. Don't worry, bud, tastes just like chicken.

(Drum roll, heavy guitar, stomping feet ... fade out)

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