Thursday, May 4, 2006

De-nutted drunken terrorist sings, dies, then gets VD

Moussaoui. Life. Admax. Poured-concrete toilet. 23-hour solitary. Thin mattress. Frequent butt checks. Bu-bye! May your death be at your own hands and your virgins infect you with 72 different diseases. PBUH.

Musical interlude. Opening stanza of an Irish tune called The Moonshiner:

I'm a rambler, I'm a gambler,
I'm a long way from home
And if you don't like me,
Well, leave me alone
I'll eat when I'm hungry,
I'll drink when I'm dry
And if moonshine don't kill me,
I'll live til I die

Next. Anyone in your family ever die right after saying, "Hey y'all watch this"?

This is priceless. Keg Head Ted Kennedy’s son, Patty. "I was involved in a traffic incident last night" near the U.S. Capitol, Kennedy said in a statement. "I consumed no alcohol prior to the incident," he added. He forgot to add in his initial statement that he was on drugs. Loser.

Got some guilt over de-butting your dog? Get him a set of fake balls. How thoughtful.

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