Saturday, May 6, 2006

Clowns visit Mayo whilst cheeseaters play adult marbles with squirrels.

Never be surprised when a Kennedy either gets special treatment to help them avoid prosecution or admits to a substance abuse problem. Too wasted to drive, yet sober enough to remember to claim he was rushing to a congressional vote, thereby allowing him special protection (although Congress was closed at the time (3AM)). And now this pill-popping drunkard is going to do his second stint in five months at Mayo to help with his “chronic disease.”

What an f’g loser. The entire clan is a complete waste of carbon. Time to cull the herd, eh? Hey, Rep. McKinney! Do you perceive special treatment for this rich, white fellow democrat?

Speaking of all things Kennedy, I had no idea that clowns had a news site. They do draw lines (as well as ring bells and wear big shoes): Their editor shares, “Since we are a 'happy' newspaper, we ignore the stories of people dressed up as a clown, who do bad things.” I guess that excludes coverage of Michael Jackson and Hillary Clinton. But maybe they can get coverage over here – I Hate Clowns.

Ever think of having a squirrel as a pet? Here’s an article that seems thoughtful and perhaps too complete. The first paragraph states, “I don't feel that a loving relationship between a human being and a squirrel is any of the government's business …” From polygamy to same-sex marriage to squirrel love. Makes me glad to be a dog lover. Whoops! Did I just say that out loud?!?

This is an incredible on-line cheese store. Buffalo mozzarella made from buffalo milk! No yak cheese, but you can find that here.

This is so cool! Marbles at wholesale. Marbles have always been a secret joy of mine. Growing up in Scranton, I used to win the coolest marbles during my grade school years. I had quite the collection of little guys and boulders (that’s what we called the big ones; dunno what they are actually called). Just looking at the linked page brings back so much. Late 1960s, Longfellow Public School (No. 28), circles drawn in the dirt, Ronald somebody.

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