Saturday, May 13, 2006

Slick way of blowing town

So this guy in India, Netrapal Singh, wants to marry this girl. “Um, no,” she says and begins to marry another guy. “Oh, yeah! Well, time for a new menu item – here’s a little Netrapal stew on you!” And he promptly triggers a switch in his shoe and blew! Little itty-bitty pieces of Netrapal on the wedding cake, the groom, a few bystanders. Yuk. Everyone was hosed off and the wedding continued. What’s this world coming to when you blow yourself up and all you get is a slightly annoyed look and the party goes on without you?

Speaking of people for whom the pieces would be greater than the whole, Moussaoui is home in Colorado now. Prediction: He knows now and will accept soon that the only way he can contribute to the jihad is to die. He figures that they’ll send his body home. Lots of Muslims in France. He’ll be dead soon. Hunger strike? I hope so. Seems our response is to restrain and cram hoses through the nose. It strikes me humorous to think about who “won” and how much better a death sentence would’ve been as I picture his emaciated bald head with mini-fire hoses cranking in a thick brown liquid. Probably tastes like chicken.

Wow! Did you know that canola oil is some communist plot to liquefy our brains? It ain’t even made from canolies! Toxic build-ups lead to guacamole. This is amazing stuff. Scary. The cure? Drink water. Oh. UPDATE. Boy, just can't trust some net sites, eh? "Canola" is not an abstract word, it is a contraction of "Canadian oil, low acid." Learn something new every day.

Maybe we can give Moussaoui a canola-oil enema then blow him up. Might make the clean up a little easier. I think the pieces wouldn’t stick as much.

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