Friday, October 27, 2006

Having sex whilst smacking fat children

CNN has rather dark logic when it comes to airing footage. People jumping from the Trade Towers before they collapse? No. An American being beheaded by terrorists? No. American soldiers being shot by a terrorist sniper? YES!

Where is the straight line? Do not show naked aggression against us by terrorists, unless we can pin dead soldiers on President Bush. How pathetic.

Speaking of Clinton suck ups, this poor guy was just having sex and they arrested him! Where is Bubba’s friends now? This guy is banging his paralegal in a girl’s stall at a Seahawk’s football game and somebody complained. Leave him alone! It’s just sex!

Speaking of sex, you gotta love this Dutch politician. She’s concerned about the Dutch army guys getting cranky whilst on the front. Her solution? Send in the prostitutes! God love her.

Speaking of solving problems, did you know that the cane toad is a problem in Australia? Seems the little guy is an interloper from Hawaii and protects itself with toxins. Also, the ladies have a way of telling other ladies where their egg-laying turf is, and, since no one in the cane-toad world likes competition, the nesting areas spread out father and farther all the time. What is interesting is that the article never tells us why the cane toad is a problem, except that it is not edible in its present form. So they are going to un-toxic them (making them “little hamburgers running around the countryside getting munched up by all the native wildlife," – interesting choice of words) and also send out false “I got laid here” signals from the ladies, all in the hope of wiping out the populations. Poor guys.

Speaking of bad labels, two related articles appearing in the same list of Australian news are interesting: Colour coding, labelling tackle obesity and Wrong labels prompt most recalls. I not sure if it means that fat people will remain fat because of inaccurate nutritional labels or that they will die from mislabeled foods – several of the foods recalled did not list “chemical or biotoxin contamination” in the ingredients. Gotta love those Australian food processing plants – such cut-ups!

Speaking of things in bad taste, isn’t there international copyright treaties? The Aussies have a 60 Minutes show exactly like the US version. Right down to the garbage stories: “Be on 60 Minutes: If you believe smacking your children is the best form of discipline, please contact Glenda for a possible story on 02 9965 4614 or” Typical liberal bias. Amazing. “Smacking” children? Seems a bit of a label already. How about “If you believe that aggressive physical reinforcement of repeatedly ignored requests is the best form of discipline …”? “If you think slapping that wise-ass look off your 12-year old’s face is the best …” “If you think back-handing your kid is better than your first instinct of choking him until he defecates himself is the best …” Now, we’re talking. “Smacking”? Give me a break. No imagination.

Speaking of being a star, here is a casting call for actors and actresses to play roles in a comedic film about a musically inclined janitor and his experiences bonding with his straight-laced nephew. I’m speechless.

OK, looking for other acting jobs got me to Craig’s List, then I started to look at animals for adoption. I’m wandering. Bye.

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