Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stealing fences

There was a Columbo episode many years ago – the several they did when the show made the too brief return – that interlaced mind reading and magicians. It seemed very much that the bad guy could read minds. The military was about to scoot him away for espionage work. But Columbo knew he was the murderer.

A kid was hanging around the magic shop and Columbo sought his advice. The kid made a pivotal statement: “Whatever you do, never forget that it is a trick.” Columbo went on to solve the mind-reading subterfuge and get the bad guy.

I am reading dozens of articles about how the dems will win the House and Senate. Thirty or 40 seats in the House, some say. But standing 12:1 or 15:1 in published words are the quieter articles. “Rove unbelievably upbeat about holding Congress.” Barron Magazine does a race-by-race analysis and finds pubs holding.

But listen to the cacophony. “Speaker Pelosi” likes the ring of the title. Pat Tillman’s brother speaks out against war. Envoy derides stupidity in management of Iraq war. Dems “dare to believe” this is their time.

What happened to the “fire-storm” of Foley’s page problem? All of a sudden nobody is focused on it anymore. I guess too much scrutiny would bring to light the FBI statement that they could find any evidence of physical contact, just the unfortunate IMs that were a prank by the page.

Two things come of these articles. Either they create their own destiny (and the dems thereby squeak out a win) or the narrow holding (remember how typical it is to lose seats in the mid-term elections) is characterized as a weak position by the pubs, and they must accordingly change their agenda to the dems.

Do you all remember this much press leading up to the Clinton mid-terms when Congress actually did change hands?

It is remarkable what one can do when the legacy press is on your side. This is blatant election stealing.

Want more evidence of the bias against Bush’s America (as opposed to the U.N.’s America)? Fences. Let’s talk.

Israel is supported by Bush’s America. Palestinian leaders steal millions of dollars for their personal use and keep the people in economic despair. Fellow Arab countries with their billions of dollars in daily revenue do nothing to alleviate the plight. The Palestinian public schools are no different than Soviet indoctrination programs of the 1950s – students now learn to hate Israel and to blame her for all of their woes.

A generation of human bombs evolves. They walk across the border and blow themselves up in marketplaces, on beaches, and in buses.

What to do? Build a fence. Limit the points of access into Israel. Brilliant! The bombings drop off instantly.

The response of the United Nations? Demands that construction be halted and completed sections of the fence be torn down. Catepillar backhoes and loaders were used in building the fence. UN response? A concerted effort to condemn the private company and suggest they are complicit in human-rights violations.

Next example.

The US has about 10 million illegals at any given time. They come over in amazing numbers everyday from Mexico. I represented a few years ago a guy that transported illegals from Arizona to Kennett Square and someplace in Connecticut. He was an illegal, too. He would go into Mexico and give people the address of a large store, a date, and time. “Be there with your money and I will transport you to a job and place to live.” I asked him about going back and forth across the border: “I’ll stay about two weeks in Mexico this time. Visit with family. I can get back over the border anytime I want to.” It was not bravado speaking, just facts.

So let’s build a fence! Mexico complains, the UN complains … everybody complains! Even Gorbachev! That putz likens the US/Mexico fence to the Berlin Wall! I think I remember clearly, let’s see, wasn’t that the wall where the Soviets shot you if you approached it from the East Germany side? That was the wall that divided into two what used to be one country. What does that have to do with the US/Mexico border?

So Israel builds one to stop bombings and the US to stop illegal migration. Bitch, bitch, bitch. What if, say, China built one between it and North Korea? My, that sounds like a problem!

Oh, but it is not a problem! It is to keep defectors out that are seeking political freedom. If it were to keep out people seeking economic freedom, then it would be a problem. But isn’t North Korea economically depressed vis-à-vis Red China? Doesn’t the US Constitution provide more political freedoms than the Mexico system?

It is so confusing to me that our fence is bad and China’s is OK, that Israel’s is bad and China’s isn’t. Maybe I ain’t nuanced enough. Where is John Kerry when you need him?

Enough. Bye.

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