Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Clinton sucked then and now

Got any doubts that the Clinton Legacy slithers into our times? Recall that Clinton wanted to treat the terrorists as criminals, while W wanted to go to war. With Clinton appointees in courts and dem sycophants in Congress, the “criminal” nature of the detentions does not die.

To wit (October 17 post): Attorneys for Salim Ahmed Hamdan, the detainee facing war crimes charges before a "military commission" in the wake of Congress' passage of the new commission bill, on Tuesday asked a federal judge in Washington, D.C., to allow new briefing on the impact of the new commission law on the judge's authority to decide continuing issues in Hamdan's case. His case is back in District Court following the ruling in his favor by the Supreme Court last Term. In the new motion, attorneys for Hamdan said that he continues to have a claim challenging his ongoing detention by the U.S. military. But, he said, the new commission law "puts in question this Court's subject matter jurisdiction" over that claim. That part of the law, the motion argued, is "of doubtful constitutionality." Moreover, it added, "the Constitution provides a right to habeas relief independent of statutory authorization, a privilege that has not been validly suspended." The lawyers suggested that the briefing be done simultaneously on an expedited basis, but did not propose a specific schedule.

Convinced yet? Here’s a little more: In the detainees' motion for permission to file new briefs on the new law's impact, found here , the attorneys argued that the Act raises a number of new issues: whether the law denies the appeals court authority to decide the pending habeas appeals and, if so, whether that is an unconstitutional suspension of the writ; whether the new law unconstitutionally bars Geneva Conventions claims; whether it unconstitutionally delegates to the Executive branch powers that belong to the courts, and whether the definition of "unlawful enemy combatant" must be interpreted to conform to "the laws of war."

Go ahead, read a little of the motions linked above. These pieces of garbage blow up the Twin Towers, take out planes, make me take my shoes off, and kill our boys and girls in Iraq and Afghanistan then expect to riding our legal system for years? They should have it so good in Bumfoq, Third-Sand-dune-on-the-right, or wherever they’re from.

Thanks, Bubba. First you put me in a position to have my 7-year-old daughter ask all bright eyed and innocently, “Daddy, what’s a blow job?” (Bubba, I still think you are a complete asshole for just that situation), and now you have enemy combatants using our courts. You, Clinton, were and continue to be a loser.

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