Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Time to be a-scared

Nobody believed me. They laughed in my face as I showed them document after document proving I was right. I’ve written about clowns plenty – at least 25 different pieces. I even put my life on the line with the mere mention of the clown mafia.

Now, maybe you’ll believe me. A bunch of clowns coming in from Mexico with 500 pounds of cocaine. Nose candy. Columbian Dancing Dust. Bing. Yeyo. Booger Sugar. Five hundred pounds – that’s like eight tonnes metric or something.

Clowns. Dirty rotten drug trafficking clowns. Maybe now you will believe me.

Think I exaggerate the danger? “John” wrote about clown-on-clown violence in 2001. And then disappeared.

I can’t post this photo on my server space at Photobucket. They’ve been good to me, and I don’t want to endanger them. This is a world exclusive and may mean my untimely death. I can now reveal the leader of the clown mafia.

May God protect us all.

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