Sunday, January 7, 2007

Some political common sense for the libs

The libs got the Congress back not by running on their own positions, but by being the anti-pubs. As such, their pre-election positions meant nothing. Get out of Iraq now? A factually stupid position from which they are already backing away. They will find, as new majority parties always do, that it is way easier to be in second place and criticize. They built up their start under the mantra of the “first 100 hours.” All sorts of wonderful things were supposed to happen. I heard more about it before than during and after. That tells you something. The libs are what they always were – all form and no substance. The pubs are much more patient; they just need to cull the herd of the intellectually vacuous that seems to get in front of a mic with annoying frequency. Fortunately, the mics are firmly planted in front of the libs for now; they will quickly learn to resent the exposure.

The queen bull dyke, Hillary Clinton, exercised the obvious and all the liberal press is astonished. She said that Sen. Obama is basically a flash in the pan and that his star will fade. She had to say something because he kicked her ass in an Iowa poll. By the way, she is also right. Why does no one recall the trip to Africa that Obama took and the leaders of the several countries called him an idiot? They were openly insulted by his lack of background. The guy’s got a broad smile and a populist (read: empty) message. Of course he will fade. He doesn’t want the presidency anyway. He knows that he’s too thin politically. He wants the VP slot. That, however, shows how thin he is. George the Elder got Reagan’s VP slot because he had substance. Just recall how Cheney bitch slapped Edwards in 2000 to understand the cost of a lack of depth.

Edwards in 2008? The Cheshire cat: nothing but a smile. The entire harlot product-liability trial industry will be paraded in front of the country. He can’t survive on the top of a ticket, and will be labeled a recurring loser on the bottom half.

Kerry? Puh-please. Interloping whiner with a drunkard wife. Did I mention that he lies?

Hillary will never survive the repeated votes of the primaries. Her only chance is if somehow the DNC front loads their primaries to pick a candidate quickly – and save the bull from repeated exposure. I just read that California may move from June to February; go figure.

Biden has spent too much time being patently opportunistic. He’s as worn as a flophouse bathroom towel. His best day – if he ever sees it – will be no more than high teens in any primary. His biggest problem is going to be money. He won’t have any.

Sen. Dodd is going to run. Wait until his bar tabs get published. He’ll go nowhere but the corner stool.

Gore? The boy should quit believing his own press clippings.

Vilsack from Iowa and Richardson from New Mexico both have a chance. Both were governors. Both guys seem friendly, not that angry rusted razor look that Pelosi and Hillary have. Remember that we dislike legislators in presidential elections. Here’s the data going back to 1904:

Past presidential elections:
(E) - Executive; (L) - Legislative; (O) - Other; (I) Incumbent
(I have indicated the most recently held position)

2004 - George the Younger (I) beat Kerry (L)
2000 - George the Younger (E) beat Gore (E) and Nadar (O)
1996 - Clinton (I) beat Dole (L) and Perot (O)
1992 - Clinton (E) beat George the Elder (I) and Perot (O)
1988 - George the Elder (E) beat Dukakis (E)
1984 - Reagan (I) beat Mondale (E)
1980 - Reagan (E) beat Carter (I) and Anderson (O)
1976 - Carter (E) beat Ford (I) and McCarthy (L)
1972 - Nixon (I) beat McGovern (L) and Schmitz (L)
1968 - Nixon (E) beat Humphrey (L) and Wallace (E)
1964 - Johnson (I) beat Goldwater (L)
1960 - Kennedy (L) beat Nixon (E)
1956 - Eisenhower (I) beat Stevenson (E)
1952 - Eisenhower (O) beat Stevenson (E)
1948 - Truman (I – FDR term) Dewey (E), Thurmond (L), Wallace (E), and Thomas (O)
1944 - Roosevelt (I) beats Dewey (E) and Thomas (O)
1940 - Roosevelt (I) beats Wilkie (O) and Thomas (O)
1936 - Roosevelt (I) beats Landon (E) and Thomas (O)
1932 - Roosevelt (E) beats Hoover (I) and Thomas (O)
1928 - Hoover (O) beats Smith (E) and Thomas (O)
1924 - Coolidge (E) beats Davis (L) and LaFollette (L)
1920 - Harding (L) beats Cox (E) and Debs (L)
1916 - Wilson (I) beats Hughes (E) and Benson (O)
1912 - Wilson (E) beats Roosevelt (E), Taft (I), and Debs (L)
1908 - Taft (O) beats Bryan (L) and Debs (L)
1904 - Roosevelt (I - McKinley term) beats Parker (O) and Debs (L)

Incumbents are 12 and 5. All 5 of the losses have been to executives. No incumbent has lost to a legislator in the past 100 years.

Executives are 4 and 2 against legislators (Kennedy and Harding).

Just sit back and let the libs pull their lemming impersonations. They will lose Congress in short order and have a less than chance at the White House than they will admit. The pubs had better hope that McCain and Huckabee play well – because that is their ticket for the 2008 presidential election.

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