Saturday, January 6, 2007

Commercial break

I like to play basketball with my son. I say things like, “you can’t shot from the outside,” and “you can’t take me straight up.”

Then about ten years ago I got arthritis. I had to sit on the side and try to motivate him from a distance. It wasn’t the same. We went to the court less and started to drift apart.

Then a friend told me about crack. I light up a rock about an hour before our game and another one on the walk to the court. I get lose as a muthaf---a goose! I be playing ball! I gots game, mofo! Get outta my way! Coming through you, little man with green head and large hands and and …

I couldn’t make the $1,000,000 bail. My lawyer said an insanity plea ain’t gonna cut it because I “voluntarily ingested the controlled substance” or some shit like that. Twenty years to LIFE! Can you believe it! All because I wanted to play b-ball with my boy.

“Land of the free,” my ass.

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