Saturday, January 6, 2007


So, Donald Fagenson is a musician from Michigan. He’s apparently quite good on both sides of the studio glass. His stage name is Don Was. I don’t understand that. It’s two-thirds of a sentence. A noun and verb, but no object. Don was what? It just pisses me off; not sure why. If you need a verb, why a transitive verb? Why not something like ran or yelled? Don Yelled. Not bad. No object needed.

“Hi, my name’s Bill. Pleased to meet you.”
“Hi. Don, Don Was.”
“OK, I’ll bite. Don was what?”
“That’s the question.”
Then, Don, your potential new friend Bill walks away.

Were you high when you picked your stage name?

Speaking of things peculiar, how about underwear you can wear for several weeks without changing them? Seems nanotechnology can bind stink-repellant chemicals to nanoparticles. Soldiers have worn them for weeks at a clip in Iraq; conclusion: still hygienic. I don’t know about you people, but I honestly thought that nanotechnology would bring things like teeny tiny hearing aids and medical diagnostic equipment that could go where no MDE could go before. Maybe even some new flipper in a dick so old guys wouldn’t piss their pants all the time. But stink-proof undies?

Speaking of things in pants, this is a well-reasoned article that discusses taking the same-sex marriage vote to the people of Massachusetts. It is remarkable to survey the unhinged screaming of libs that do not want the citizens to vote on this issue. I originally put a full colon at the end of the last sentence, meaning to provide a list. I found, however, the one quote that sums it all up: “Neither can we in good conscience pretend that the bigotry toward homosexuals, as old as the Bible …”

So the writer of the quoted text, Eileen McNamara of the Boston Globe (her entire column is here), is telling us that the Holy Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality is mere bigotry.

Guess I shouldn’t be shocked by her position. It took about five minutes to learn that Eileen has a female hard-on for Christianity: here she is screeching about churches not having to divulge their finances. Ei seems to have this opinion that churches have been treated differently only since the 1954. Yeah, cute, she only mentions exemption from reporting – but she does it in a way to suggest that any difference in treatment began at that time. Here’s some history for you, Ei, seems Massachusetts started as an American state debating a tax just to fund religion.

Will you do me a favor? Think of me as you burn for eternity. B-bye!

I was absently thinking about a populated place I used to live that had small aircraft routinely flying below a thousand feet. It seemed to me then and resonates still that a 40mm Bofars anti-aircraft cannon would liven up the afternoon. But where to find one? Well, as luck would have it, not one but two Bofars for just $9,000 each. I can close my eyes and picture it: bbbzzz … bbbZZZ … BBBZZZ … kaBOOM! … nnnrrrrr … poof! There is a cost to pissing me off over an extended period.

If you’ve got some down time in between surface-to-air attacks on non-military aircraft, this site is chock full of mazes to print.

Next week marks five years since my dad died. Life has pretty much sucked since he died, but that is just because I enjoyed the largesse and fight change. I am just now packing up that stage of my life, which accounts for the ten to fifteen years before he imploded and the five since. I have reduced my missed opportunity to wishing he were still alive to play in a poker tournament. He was a great card player. In fact, the last time I saw him was at a card game at his house. The recent popularity of Texas Hold ‘em would have been fun to him. Oh well; time to move on.

I planned to write more but lost focus. Bye.

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