Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lacing shoes in Chinese

Speaking of Chinese names, this site takes your name, characteristic, gender, and date of birth, then gives you your Chinese name. I’m Ma ke lan – science, perceive. Eastern thought. I’m from the West. No frame of reference. My other is Shi Kuai han – quick, extensive.

Continuing Chinese, Li Bai (Po) wrote beautiful poetry:

Facing my wine, I did not see the dusk,
Falling blossoms have filled the folds of my clothes.
Drunk, I rise and approach the moon in the stream,
Birds are far off, people too are few.

More here.

Want an example of Eastern symmetry? Read the poem again. Seems the dude, in real life, got drunk, was in a boat, leaned forward to embrace the reflection of the Moon, and drowned. Ironic.

Is it April 1st yet? This site claims to be able to track the location of any cell phone to within ten meters. So I put in my boss’ number. Whoops!

Some dads will do anything to be liked even if their kid is put in harm’s way. Amazing. Slow start, predictable but humorous finish. Wonder what the dog was thinking.

When I first started to work after college, an engineer jokingly plugged an extension cord into itself and called it a “perpetual energy machine.” Not to be outdone, lo these 26 years hence, here’s a sign warning you to not hit your head on the sign. Rather self-fulfilling, eh?

I think guide horses for the sight impaired is a great idea. But how do you read Braille on a website? You can’t right? Maybe some monitors react … no. Just use audio. So is the Braille an inside joke? That would be cruel, and these horses are so cute. There has to be a reason. But wait, you read Braille with your finger tips, not your eyes. I’m confused. Whatever.

What a great website. The man is really into lacing his shoes. Here’s the math supporting his assertion that there are two trillion variations. Look to the left for links showing differing ways to tie your shoes. Everybody’s gotta be obsessed with something – and this guy does it right. Truly disturbed. God bless him.

Making predictions on the news with an 85% success rate. Odds are 8:1 a pub wins the 2008 election. I agree. 9:2 Hillary doesn’t get dem nod. Yes. Even money on Cheney finishing term. Sure. I feel strongly both ways. The site is not well-managed in that some issues are repeated when the bidding should be combined for such repeats.

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