Sunday, March 25, 2007

Paranoia can kill

Remember, just because you can’t see me, doesn’t mean that I am not aware that you are watching me. I’m actually the one with the facts. You are speculating: trying, trying to probe, to interpret. Relax; you are not paranoid if you are simply recognizing a fact. No one, my putative friend, is invisible.

Sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah!

I found this site,, to be fun. You think of something, and it asks questions, eventually making a guess as to what you are thinking about. It beats me more often than I beat it. I guess it shouldn’t be too amazing – it is precisely what a computer is best at: accumulating, sorting, and reducing data.

This is a great country. This dude owns a coffee business. His rival let their website domain name registration lapse. Our hero donned his cape, scooped up the domain name, and caused any attempts to access the site to take you to the Urban Dictionary, specifically to the definition of a-hole. Dude got an Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress slap of $37,000. Still waiting on punitives.

Corrections in newspapers can be fun, but this one is bizarre. I reprint it in full here: “An article about Lord Lambton (Lord Louche, sex king of Chiantishire, News Review, January 7) falsely stated that his son Ned (now Lord Durham) and daughter Catherine held a party at Lord Lambton’s villa, Cetinale, in 1997, which degenerated into such an orgy that Lord Lambton banned them from Cetinale for years. In fact, Lord Durham does not have a sister called Catherine (that is the name of his former wife), there has not been any orgiastic party of any kind and Lord Lambton did not ban him (or Catherine) from Cetinale at all. We apologise sincerely to Lord Durham for the hurt and embarrassment caused.”

So, no orgy, no ban, wrong name … seems not quite a basis for a “correction” as much as an investigation.

Did you that rock-papers-scissors has a World RPS Society? They supply the official rules. They run tournaments. Some guy in a pirate suit is the world champion. Won $7,000 Canadian. I think that’s about a buck two eighty.

So this 14 year-old kid is in the passenger seat. His mom hits a utility pole. Kid dead. Bummer. His friends go to the scene and hold a vigil. It gets late. Four in the morning. Everyone leaves except one kid. Plays guitar, wants to sing alone a little bit. (How do you make the sound of a car screaming by and hitting a guitar-playing kid? – yeah, that sound) Dead. Kinda funny. You know, in a whoa-what-a-coincidence way. Poor kid. Bad spot in the road, eh? Yeah, what a shame. Somebody oughta put in a street light or a sign or something. Oh, wait, that woman hit a “utility” pole. Took out the light? How, um, ironic.

NCAA pool update. Georgetown just beat UNC. Incredible that they came back to force overtime – and that trounced UNC in OT. The pool is down to two of us now. We both picked Florida to the championship. The difference is the G’town and OSU game. If OSU wins, the pool is hers, and I get 2d place. If G’town wins, it is all mine …

Gotta go …

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