Saturday, July 14, 2007

nonconforming cartoons

So I am working the girl to crank out some drawings. Forgive the lack of a question mark on the end of the interrogatory posed by the girl inside the mirror. Even an exclamation point would be better. It's tough getting kids to care about grammar and punctuation, dammit! But, alas, who am I to criticize art. Perhaps the selection of the period is meant to inspire in the viewer a combination of shock, horror, and resignation. Art can be so deep sometimes. Makes me feel inadequate. Small. Unimportant. Coal trash (well, that part is true).

Is there a painting class for adults I can take? I like paint-by-numbers. I never did one, but I remember my great Aunt Irene use to do them. I recall a real pretty doggy. It was in a quilt or next to flowers or something. I could do that. I think. Is that stuff erasable in case I go over the lines? I suck at coloring books.

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