Monday, July 9, 2007

nonconforming cartoons

My daughter seems to be taking some time off from expressing her angst. Having received an invitation from her new school "to not apply for re-admission" may have registered, but I doubt it - the letter also applied to her brother who never went there! How funny is that? It read something like, his "application for admission would not be accepted." Gee, guess who's the common denominator? The sole thing that bothers me is that
the writer did not have the personal integrity to call me. It is an integrity issue. Hiding behind a letter is always coupled with running in the opposite direction. Onward.

I watched my daughter work this drawing on PhotoShop. It is remarkable to me what she does with no training. I mean, I was just as fast and used the programs as robustly 20 years ago without training, but that was Lotus 1-2-3 and WordPerfect. I made number add up and look pretty. I spell-checked and paginated, dammit! And I was good at it! I knew what WYSIWYG meant before it was cool to know, before the spreadsheet-wannabes jumped on board. But I didn't do the layering and blurring and whatever thingeys that she does.

Makes me feel a little old. Kinda pisses me off.

Here is a page from her sketchbook.

I've always loved idle drawings. My best friend is an artist and I sneak a look at her sketches sometimes.

I am spacing right now. Must need more coffee.

We'll get Jourdaine cranking some more stuff as the summer unfolds. Must be some focus for her apparent evil. Or am I the puppet master, detroying all that lies in my path? I plow through young lives with seeming impugnity. Amazing, eh? I rather think of it as dwelling as equals, keeping my eyes open. I know what kids do more than their own parents. The ostrich parent has a star child who can do no wrong. He's a cutter. Did you know that?

Tis remarkable what you can learn when you find your kids, rather than requiring them to find you.

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