Saturday, October 27, 2007

rambling rose

I really like being a doctor, but in a lot of ways it makes me feel dirty, so I am going to take come time off from the practice. Why does it make me feel dirty? Well, first it just does. All that pus and oozing and white trash with mouth sores, but beyond the tossing and turning to nightmares about talking to these people in a small room and smelling them, it came home to me this morning when I checked my site meter. Somebody from Madrid searched “anal” and got me. They didn’t just “get me” – I got the number one spot. Just, yuk. I figure if I leave the incoming case studies as unread e’s, it’ll be like cryogenic storage or something and nobody will die. They can talk to Uncle Walt’s head over there in Vault MM. I do have that “alien in the butt” case to resolve, though. I already opened that e, so it’ll be like two-week expired tofu in another couple of days.

I read on some blog that Paris says that she that is going to be cryo’d so that she can come back to blow some future guy in whatever passes for the front seat of a car. I think someone needs to tell her that people have, like, looked into the future and, like, everything gets cured but face lines and age spots. I mean, like, everything! No more big butts, that c-word … censored … no … commercial … no … ca-ca-canber – cancer! That’s it. That gets cured, too. But, like, it’s really bad because everybody gets cured of all these horrible diseases and, like, conditions but all that means is that they live to be old people. And, like, since face lines and spots couldn’t be cured, the old people look like old people. So what happens is that, like, beautiful people, like Paris is right now – just so awesome, pristine, like a Greek goddess – are, like, these big prizes. They get stuff all the time. People just love them. It’s like everybody is an illegal working for granddaddy’s hotels or something. So, like, my point is that if she waits, if Paris waits to get cyro’d and she’s got these lines and spots, too, then she’ll wake up as the hotel staff, and the only blowjobs she’ll be giving will be to other hotel staff in, like, hotel rooms that somebody else slept in the night before. That can’t happen! Not to Paris! Somebody needs to tell her. She has to cyro right now while she is still so beautiful and pretty. And what would be really fun, and somebody needs to tell her this, too, is that she should get all of her best friends cryo’d at the same time. They could wake up, like, a billion years from now, and start out a new life with the coke she stashed in her jeans, and then she could take her friend’s hand and go find a car. Somebody please tell her! Please!

I’ve mentioned it before, but I enjoy reading the posts on totally unauthorized. I wish she would add me to her blogroll – I mean, like, have I got to beg? I am not beneath that by any measure, but it would be nice to be asked to grovel. btw, I like to be kicked but not spit at. Spitting is gross, generally. Well … OK, I better stop.

I play houseboy today. Laundry, dishes, maybe I can get one of the minions to vacuum. My daughter is real good about helping. Does it without being asked. Penn State plays Ohio State tonight. All the ESPN guys say Ohio State will trample them. It is to laugh. Or cry. It’s OK, though, I have alcohol somewhere.

I detest the news in any form. The TV is never on when I am alone in the room. I stay away from news sites. Here’s another example of why: Apple is stupid. Always was. It sat back and held its source code from developers while Microsoft did the exact opposite. The result was an industry replete with Microsoft applications, and cute little programs for Apple. Apple can be innovative, but so can an idiot savant locked in a padded room. So here is Apple saying no cash and limit of two iPhones to deter resellers. Deter? I got the phone in my hands. I am going to resell it. Doesn’t matter to me if it is on a card or with cash. So I leave the money in the bank and give you a debit card. WTF? How does your system deter resellers? Unless, of course, this is an illegal alien thing. The market where people are hacking iPhones and reselling them is not concentrated in the illegal alien population. Dumb. And look here to see the future: Nextel is unlocking its phones. It’s another losing battle, Apple, of which you find yourself on the wrong end (again). Got a product? Sell it for more than it cost you to bring to market. End of story. Stop the social engineering. You suck at it.

It has been raining for a few days. Reminds me of living in California, but without the illegals on every street corner hawking hacked iPhones. Supposed to stop raining around 11:00AM. Whatever.

I like rain. Closes me in. I am a quiet person when I’m alone, and I am alone often. I used to flip whenever I was in the company of anyone so that they could be entertained. I broke that habit over the past couple of years. So I am much more quiet all the time, except for work things. They expect vibrancy, so I fulfill their expectations. The majority of my work, however, is at home. I get my phone calls, my dozen or two of e’s each day, but the majority of what I do is creating words and data. I hope this phase doesn’t end soon. I like being alone. I rarely go out of the house. I drove to the store two days ago, I think it was. Few groceries. I never go to restaurants anymore except when I am on the road. Quiet times for me. I like it. A lot.


  1. I would have added you sooner if you'd emailed me and asked :)

    Honestly, though - there are a lot of terrific blogs that I just haven't gotten around to adding due to scheduling issues - I haven't got a lot of time, and what computer time I do have tends to be spent on writing posts, so I've got a backlog of sites that I intend to add to the blogroll if I ever find the time.

  2. thanks, peggy, for adding me to your blogroll. but i was rather hoping that you would ask me to beg! pretty please?