Wednesday, November 28, 2007

eating rats

I picked up this article on boycotting an Israeli water company from life in israel. Seems the water comes from the Golan Heights, which the folks organizing the boycott (which has now resulted in a cancellation of the services contract) is predicated upon the land being merely occupied by Israelis and actually belonging to the Syrians. Sounds like a quibble to me. Historically, the lands belonged to Israel. I guess all the politically correct care about are recent claims. The isolation of Israel in advance of the End Times continues. Tell me, when will Russia place “peace-keeping” forces in the Palestinian-occupied lands?

I can get to the tenth and final level of this game, but not past the windmill in that level. After two hours, I started to act out and had to stop.

When I was in high school (1976) I saw Kingfish at the Masonic Theatre in Scranton. The band was centered around Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead. Very small venue, full of mind-altering substances, great time. In 1984 or thereabouts, I saw the Dead at their Mecca – The Greek Theatre at Cal-Berkeley. I brought a bottle of juice with me. The ticket guy asked me if it was electric. I said, “Do I look like I still do acid?” He smiled and let me in, juice still in hand. It was a full liter – enough to make $500 or so – if it was anything other than what it was, which was just juice. I was drifting through the Internet Archive and found Bob’s current band, Ratdog, and a live recording. You can search on top and find more. I also found – and you can look yourself – a lot of Phil Lesh live. Sadly, he is performing much like a Grateful Dead Tribute band. Too many Dead songs in the sets. Guess Bob was the real artist.

Want access to a huge collection of Dead concert audio? Read this and enjoy topping off your hard disk.

I can’t recall if I linked this poster-creation site before – your pic, your words. Enjoy.

Nuf said, eh?

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