Wednesday, December 12, 2007

drive time

So in the past 38 hours, I drove the round-trip to Rhode Island. I had planned on staying the extra night, but a nasty storm is coming so I darted out. Stayed in Providence. The town seems to have a lot of character, and a lot of expensive restaurants. Did something I rarely do – was asked for money and said, no. I usually fork over a few dollars. This situation just seemed un-medicated to me. Kept my distance.

My legs are screaming after driving a stick shift for 5 hours in mostly heavy traffic. I’ll sleep deeply tonight.

Listened to Jim Rome clarify the difference between hunting and dog fighting. That was good. I wasn’t really wondering, but it is always helpful to get someone else’s opinion. Seems his point was legality and cruelty. Made sense. Not sure why he felt he had to make the distinction, but he did. He voiced the same inquiry, but then did anyway. He also spent a few minutes explaining why he wouldn’t use the word “scrotum” on his show. He also explained some other word he wouldn’t use. I like Rome. I think he is funny, articulate, and non-conformist. I will listen to him next chance I get. But I found it odd that he devoted so much air time to three things that he prefaced with saying he didn’t want to devoted air time to them. A conundrum, I have, methinks. Perhaps I just don’t listen to him enough. Maybe he talks about things that he doesn’t want to talk about all the time. That would seem odd. But it is his show; he can not talk about anything he wants to talk about or, er, wait … I got that wrong … um, he can talk about anything he, um … oh forget it.

Also got Mike Savage for a bit. (Yes, it is novel for me to listen to the radio.) he was talking about some group of women in Oregon that were living with a Maharishi guy. And then he switched to his family being jealous and ugly towards him. Then some rant (and I love it when he ramps into a disgusted assault on something – cracks me up – he’s usually right, I just enjoy his demeanor) about gays and lesbians writing all the stuff in Hollywood and purposefully making married men to look like wimps. His observations are generally accurate. Yes, they could be presented with a whole lot more tact – but that’s ok. It’s his way of communicating.

I’m tired … more another time.

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