Sunday, December 9, 2007

double goodbye

Just sitting around listening to Beatles bootleg. Got the Rhine River Tapes – three good CDs lifted from the A/B Road – 30 days – Twickenham/Abbey Studios – Get Back Sessions … whatever title you want to go by. All January 1969 studio work leading to the Let It Be album. Also got the 2 CD set called Revolving, which is studio work and the mono mix of the album. Am also plowing through the Artifacts CDs. Yeah, yesterday marked 27 years since John died. I listened to bootleg of his acoustic work on one CD and his piano work on another. I also listened to the Wedding Album and the two Unfinished Music CDs (Two Virgins, Life with the Lions). If you know these last three CDs, then you recognize how much of a personal tribute it was to endure Yoko in her full 1968/1969 glory. Like chewing aspirin, but a tribute is a tribute.

Finally came to closure on the personal front. All that is remaining are the loose ends. Debating whether to crash and burn or go out more calmly. Both have their advantages. One thing that is forming quickly is a desire to just get it over with now. Once my mind is set on something, the idea of dragging out implementation is grating. Add to that the third-party self-righteous presentation concomitant with sniffing old haunts that sniff back – better yet, those that sniff openly, deeply, and intensely personally, and then are invited back after the briefest of delays, and timing becomes optional. Done.

This seems appropriate:

And this:

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