Monday, December 31, 2007

table for one? non-smoking? right this way, sir.

I’m not one for looking back too often – looking forward can be confusing enough. I did, however, just look at two posts: December 31, 2006, and February 6, 2004. The latter was my very first post. Coming up on four years. I am being honest when I write that I don’t remember where I lived then - I've tried, can't seem to grab it. I can list the places I have lived and their order, but the timeframes have blurred significantly. Oh well.

Last year this time. I was in the classroom. I was in the bedroom. Have since moved out of both, and have no intention of returning to either. I have watched both scenarios ebb and flow throughout the year, with both, thankfully, finally finding their steady-states. The difficult part following any change is not the immediate aftermath, it is the change following that change. Once the second generation is achieved, then the original state is forever past.

My goals for 2008 are to either achieve or ensure the next generation on both issues.

2007 ... anybody get the license-plate number off that truck?

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