Sunday, January 6, 2008

much-needed perspective

Sometimes in life we need a barometer by which to measure if we are doing ok. Events can appear insurmountable; depression can be seen or tasted. It helps oftentimes to view another’s life to put our own in perspective. Maybe with this frame of reference our cloud can have a silver lining, the sun may peak through.

The life and times of Bryan James Hathaway is my perspective for today. As the sports guy Jim Rome says, when a story starts with a guy’s name that includes his middle name, you just know the story is not going to end well.

Bryan, age 21, is from Superior, Wisconsin. Mayor Dave Ross seems like an agreeable fellow. Superior is way the hell up there, beyond Minneapolis. It’s further north than Quebec City! Check the demographics - there were more people living there in 1900 than there is now. It’s been in a population freefall since 1930.

What’s a person to do in Superior? Get in trouble it seems.

His legal troubles began at least as early as April 2005, when he pled guilty to having sexual relations with Bambrick, a 26-year-old horse, which he shot and killed for the express purpose of ensuring the presence of a passive lover. It seems he also pled out at the same time to taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent. Must have needed a ride. Got 18 months in the pokey for that plus a bunch of probation.

Being out of jail on the horse poke, it seems he was driving down the road and noticed – ut oh – a dead deer in a ditch. D-d-d, da-de-de-da, da-deer! Poor Bryan could not contain himself. Pull over, pull down, pull out, and poke in. Busted.

Part of his sentence was a probationary period that included no sexual contact with anything – including humans!

Poor boy, his probation got revoked last month for using alcohol and marijuana, lying to his probation agent, and having unapproved contact with a minor child and sexual relations with another adult.

Must be lonely up there in Superior, Wisconsin.

Feel differently than I do about this pathetic fuck? Then join the 142 people that have signed the Petition to free Bryan!

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