Tuesday, January 29, 2008

politics simplified 2

I am loving watching the wheels turn round and round in the presidential primaries. The pubs have their hands full with McCain (read, “liberal”) and Romney (read, “only conservative with enough money to compete”). The press despises conservatives, so Romney gets ignored or scoffed at. McCain gets all this adoration. The truth of the matter is that pubs vote, not the press, so Romney is odds on to win the nomination.

The dem side is so very fun. Glance over the articles on lucianne dot com to see the disdain for the Clintons coming from within. Nobody ever liked them. They were and always will be trailer-park trash. They just had a meaner dog, so people were afraid of them. The headlines tell the true story. Senators and governors are lining up for Obama, and, more importantly, giving exhaustive reasons for their support. They dislike Hillary, they dislike Bubba, and do not want that crowd running against any pub for the title of POTUS.

It will not play well in post-Labor Day events if Hillary is the nominee. Mud fights, old war stories … the pubs can play just as dirty as the Clintons. Bubba is licking his wounds and Hillary’s feet big time. The truth is simple: they won previously through raw power. Everyone knew the filthy game, but the dems sat quietly because it was their guy. No more. If Hillary gets the nod because of the carry-over of past structural power, the dem base will not be enthused. Romney (or McCain) will reach out and another Reagan-Democrat voting black will emerge.

The best of this is that Hillary is the victim of her own arrogance. She manipulated this Super Tuesday so early in the process. She assumed that it would give plenty of time to pummel the pubs. She did not figure in that her own party would turn on her, and see the lead up to Super Tuesday as crucial to victory in November. So the party is pulling out all stops to stop her. It is to laugh.

True story. Came from a Secret Service agent at the White House. Hillary and Bubba arrive on their first day. Hillary gets out of the limousine with satchel in hand. Goes to hand it to the agent standing there. “I’m sorry, ma’am, I need to keep my hands free at all times.” Hillary says, “then what the fuck good are you,” tosses the bag at his feet, and walks into the White House.

Trailer-park trash finally smelling their own stench.

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