Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Like origami? I don’t. Not enough focus. Makes me want to act out. Origami pisses me off. I used to make these printed CD envelopes when I gave music to my twin until I got so fucking angry one time trying to fold it that I took it outside and lit it on fire. I’m amazed the link is still in my favorites. Anyway, if you like origami, this is a well-done site.

Like clowns? You’re sick. You should be locked up. Clowns are scary. People that dress up as clowns should be lined up and shot. I wouldn’t even waste the time to put them in a line. Shoot them right on the tricycle you found them. Here’s your nightmare – you’re welcome – Evil Clown Generator. Do a screen shoot of the final and trim in PhotoShop.

You like to play the piano? I don’t. I got two hands but can only use one at a time. I would be ok if it were a one-handed instrument. What’s up with two scales on one instrument? Seems unfair. I’m into fairness. One scale per instrument. It’s like the vote-early-and-often bullshit the dems do. Anyway, here’s a good source for free sheet music.

Want to see the chronology of all sorts of different mathematics and related stuff? I don’t. In my world, I am content with D.C. (During Clyde), and have no problem with ignoring B.C. (Before Clyde) and A.C. (After Clyde). That is not my narcissistic side talking. Well, ok, it is. But so what? It’s confusing being me all the time! I mean, I certainly am not me all the time, but that’s just a reaction formation. Anyway, here’s a long list of chronologies to fill in the blanks in your knowledge such as, Chronology of Time Measurement Technology, 270BC, Ctesibius builds a popular water clock.

Like Stephen Hawking? Yeah, he’s ok, but he reminds me of that guy from My Left Foot. Scares me. I read Brief History and have an audio book of his autobiography. He’s got a personal website now. Ever hear of Black Holes? Yeah, that’s him. Makes me think of some movie where that Three’s Company guy was playing the devil and said, “You like trees? Those were my idea.”

How bored are you? Here’s a webcam where you can watch paint peel. No shit. Be sure watch it with a bottle of aspirin and an empty glass.

You comfortable? I’m not. This story tells about a sun hurling through space at 1.6 million miles an hour. It’s nine times the size of our sun. Says it happens a lot. That scares the shit out of me. A whole fucking sun screaming through space like some cosmic fastball. WHOOSH! “What the fuck was that?!?” I’m toast. I’ll probably never sleep again.

My colon is asking to void. I have to go.

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